Our History

Focused on development and innovation Traction Charger have been at the forefront of charging technology since 1980 when the company developed the first charger to correctly charge the then new Calcium/Calcium and Calcium/Silver lead/acid batteries.

Chris Walker - Managing Director

Chris Walker - Managing Director

Since then Traction Charger have developed many new charging related products, including the patented Sulphation Recovery Programme used by many of the worlds leading battery and vehicle manufacturers.

During the early 1980’s they were approached by Delphi to develop and manufacture a new type of battery charger designed to charge the then new Calcium/Calcium battery. At this time Traction also began work on a sulphation recovery process that could be incorporated into the new design of charger.

The Traction Charger MPL range of chargers was the result of this work, the charger could not only correctly charge both conventional lead acid batteries but also the new generation of Calcium battery types. The new de-sulphation process was so innovative that it was patented by Traction Charger and has been at the core of the MPL range ever since.

The development of the charger has enabled the company to work with the worlds leading battery manufacturers on charging technology, these include Delphi, Varta and Exide. Traction Charger products are also used by many leading vehicle manufacturers either on the production line, port of entry or in the dealership, these manufacturers include, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover and Toyota. Most of these customers use the products in many markets including Australia, China, Africa and Europe.

Traction Charger continues to develop new products for customers, most recently with the introduction of our Battery Support range of products.

Tractions products are not restricted to the Automotive industry, some of the specialist applications that Traction Charger have developed include, loading bay chargers for articulated lorry trailers, emergency services standby chargers, mobile telecoms, agricultural and fixed location standby applications.

All Traction products are designed and manufactured at their UK base. Wherever possible all parts are also sourced from UK Companies. In most cases this means that all but the discrete electronic components are UK manufactured.