Welcome to the new look Traction Charger website

Traction Charger has been at the forefront of Battery Charging Innovation for over 30 years, with market leading products and a uniquely British brand. To reflect this positioning, we have revamped our website, in order for us to better communicate our products to our customers. 

Our 'Charger Choice' page allows us to explain the technical detail behind our products, including our patented de-sulphation process, and explain how our MPL range can dramatically improve the performance of stored batteries, helping garages to reduce warranty costs and improve customer satisfaction.

The website is 'responsive' so that its content will adapt to any viewing device you're accessing it on, plus it's plugged in to search and to our new social network channels. The design and logo have been refreshed, a look and feel that will be rolled out across all new marketing materials. 

The Traction Charger Shop is live - we ask customers currently to place orders and we will invoice you with the best price for delivery.  

We look forward to sharing more news and information on our new blog, and welcome any feedback from our partners and customers on our new website.