Tommy Bridewell: Charging Ahead with Traction Charger

This season will see Tommy Bridewell donning our Traction Charger logo as he speeds through the rounds at British Superbikes 2018. 

Tommy Interview.jpg

As part of our sponsorship deal we have given Tommy a MPL10 unit, our most popular battery charger model and OEM approved in various forms by Jaguar, Landrover and Nissan. Tommy talked to us for Professional Motor Mechanic last month about his race strategy this year and why this Charger is doing its small bit to help him win that elusive podium place.

Since the interview Tommy has split from his Halsall Racing and is now racing with Moto Rapido on a Ducati. He has already made a fantastic come back to the BSB circuit at Brands Hatch on 22nd July.

Speaking in May, Tommy said: “I have a mechanical background whilst gives me a good understanding of the bike and what’s required in each debrief. We’ll use the MPL10 as it automatically switches to conditioning mode when it’s finished charging, so we get the absolute maximum out of the battery’s ability.

“It’s great that the battery charger is OEM approved too as it gives me the reassurance that we’re using the best bit of kit available, and to win it’s all about incremental improvements which add up to great performances.

“As with every year, my plan is to try to get a podium place. The best I‘ve done is 3rd in 2014 and I feel ready to improve on that. The goal is to reach the showdown which is where those with the highest scores from the last 9 rounds will get to compete for the BSB championship. The rules of BSB changed in 2010 to include the showdown which makes it a fairer and more exciting sport now.

“When the MPL10 isn’t with me in the paddocks, it’s with my dad who owns Wayside Garage in Etchilhampton, which does car and vehicle maintenance and commercial sales. It’s where I spent my teens working and learning. The charger is an asset to the workshop, charging and conditioning to add value to each service.

The MPL battery charger is available in 12V, 10A, 20A, 50A and 24V 10A and 20A versions to meet the charging requirements of most battery sizes. 

The MPL is suitable for use on AGM, GEL, Calcium and Lead Acid battery types. The battery charger is OEM approved, and used by some of the world's leading vehicle and battery manufacturers.

It features Traction Charger’s own patented Sulphation Recovery System. Other features include: Short Circuit shutdown without blown fuse, Reverse Polarity Protection, Soft start current control, 3 stage charging (CI-CV-Float), Proportional timing with minimal gas emission, Constant voltage float/standby and many other features. It is fully flexible to match almost any battery specification.

Although featuring sophisticated charging methods, it is very simple and safe to use. Batteries can be left connected indefinitely at the end of charging.

All Traction MPL chargers are sourced and manufactured in the UK, ensuring exceptional quality in every unit.


A Bit about Tommy Bridewell

Age: 30

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 71Kg

Nickname: “Rock on Tommy”

Interest: Motorcross, Triathlons, 2 dogs, and motorcycling sports