Howie will be back at British Superbikes - Snetterton

Image Credit: Alex James

Image Credit: Alex James

We caught up with British Superbikes rider Mike Howarth to see how his recovery process has been going, and what his plans are going forward. 

Since his catastrophic crash at the beginning of May where he broke his leg, collar bone and dislocated his shoulder, Howie has been slowly recovering, with the hope that he can continue to ride in this year's BSB championships.

As the bones have been healing, the muscles have been resting, so Howie has been steadily working to build muscle back up in his leg, training twice a day every day for the last month. As he can now do a light jog he's attempting CV for at least 2 hours every day.

He says his leg is giving him no trouble at all pain wise - it's just the muscle that needs to be built to full strength. The issue, and the delay in his recovery, has been his shoulder which has been causing him agony - no doubt amplified from the intensive training regime. Over time the shoulder will heal and the pain will reduce, but it's not going to hold Howie back from coming back at Snetterton.

At Knockhill he consulted with the BSB doctors who explained what he needs to do in order to pass the medical at Snetterton, which is now his focus. Given that Howie has had very little track time compared to other riders, he was granted a special allowance this weekend to get back on his bike and test for next weekend's big comeback.

He said that it's been hell at times, mentally it's a lot of pressure to overcome as well as physically, but that he feels confident for the race ahead of him and cannot wait to get back into it - and that it's the only way to be, 100% or nothing.

We all know how passionate Howie is about riding and his love for what he does, this is why we sponsor and support Howie. We believe that he has what it takes to be a champion. Excellent work Howie and we look forward to watching you race at Snetterton!