Why is our Desulphation Process Patented?

Traction Charger were one of the very first companies to develop the car battery desulphation process, developed in the 1980s. The conditioning process was proven to be very successful, renewing or extending the life of an automotive battery. As such the process has become a common feature of battery chargers.

With many battery chargers on the market now including desulphation, you many wonder what it is about Traction Charger's desulphation process that makes it so unique we can patent the idea?

The Traction Charger Sulphation Recovery System Patent allows for an automatic progression from desulphation to charging, so that the user doesn't have to remember to switch the battery from desulphation state to a charging state. This extra functionality is unique to Traction Charger and present across the full MPL range. 

It gives you the peace of mind that the job is getting done, eliminating additional workload and hassle, whilst performing the optimum battery charging service available.

Our background in battery charging innovation combined with our stringent production processes mean the MPL battery charger range offers the best all-round service and quality levels. So good that the range is approved by Jaguar & Landrover.

Here's a fact sheet on the full Battery Charger range.