Ensure your batteries are protected when programming

We recently featured in Autotechnician's feature on diagnostic tools & tips, with our BSU range. 

During diagnostic or programming operations when in a Key On, Engine Off state, a vehicle's systems are operating solely from the battery. This reliance on constant voltage poses a risk in terms of potential loss of data or damage to control units.

Maintaining battery charge during this process is critical. Traction Charger's Battery Support Units provide constant voltage when used during diagnostic programming, ensuring that you don't create unnecessary issues for you and your customer. 

Diagnostics Tech, Tools & Tips

All products in the BSU range have the same simple indicators so an operator can be sure that the charger is working as it should. There are three LEDs on the unit, for power, polarity and demand. When all three are illuminated, you know that the BSU is supporting the battery. To make it even more adaptable to a workshop, all units are designed to be wall, ramp or trolley mounted, and supplied with 5m output leads as standard.

When carrying out software updates, and module reprogramming including diagnostic processes, you can reduce your risk to your work by using a Traction Charger Battery Support Unit